New Arrivals
Vintage Style General Store Wall Shelf Unit 1. Vintage Style General Store   
    Shelving Unit
Aluminium Deer Head Ornament 2. Aluminium Deer Head

Cast Iron Plant Pot Holder - Bird Decoration
3. Cast Iron Plant Pot Holder
Plant  Atomiser -  Clear Glass 4. Plant Atomiser
Aged Ceramic Table Cloth Weights x 4 5. Ceramic Table Cloth Weights
Barbecue /BBQ Tool Set 6. Barbecue/ BBQ Tool Set
Cast Iron Fork and Spade Flower Pot Holder. 7.Fork & Spade Pot Holder
Herb and Flower Dryer 8. Herb and Flower Dryer
Cast Iron Black Cat Hook 9. Cast Iron Black Cat Hook
Garden Line With Jute Rope 10. Garden Line

Gift Vouchers
The Gardeners Shop UK Gift Vouchers
Don't know what to buy? ThenThe
Gardeners Shop UK Gift Voucher
is the perfect gift solution. Available
in denominations of £5, £10 & £25.
Unlike other web shops we sent
our beautifully designed "allotment"
gift card, designed by Kerry Morton,
via post. We feel its more personal
than via email. 

The Gardeners Shop UK

Barbecue Tool Set Sale
Cast Iron Bird Bath and Bird Feeder
This gorgeous cast iron bird bath can also be used as a bird feeder. Supplied flat packed, this item is very easy to
assemble. An ideal gift. Approx length 28cm, height 20cm, width of bird bath 15cm. Approx weight 1.80kg
Digger Dogs The Ultimate Artistocratic Gnome ..           gift ideas for your home and garden
Hessian Sacks Aged Metal Heart Bird Feeder Herb and Flower Dryer Cast Iron Black Cat Hook
   10 x Printed Hessian Sacks      Aged Heart Bird Feeder           Herb & Flower Dryer      Cast Iron Black Cat Hook 
            Price £14.95              Price £9.95               Price £10.95                 Price £4.95
Magic Seeder Aluminium Deer Head Ornament Bird Feeder Spiral With Fat Ball Faux Leather Doorstop - Rabbit, Elephant,Tortoise
           Magic Seeder         Aluminium Deer Head         Bird Feeder Spiral     Faux Leather Rabbit Doorstop
             Price £4.95               Price £29.95               Price  £4.95              Price £12.95 
Aged Metal Two Bird Feeder Cast Iron Fork and Spade Flower Pot Holder. Barbecue /BBQ Tool Set Grass/Lawn Gift Wrapping Paper Set
    Metal Two Bird Feeder  Fork & Spade Plant Pot Holder     Barbecue/BBQ Tool Set      Grass Gift Wrapping  Paper Set
          Price £19.95            Price £10.95            Price £24.95              Price £6.50
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